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Bhagyanathan C
Bhagyanathan C-Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery Bhagyanathan C’s (b.1968, Tellichery, Kerala) pieces bear reflections of everyday experiences of a migrant from a rural to an urban space. The societal functions in a vastly changing urban environment is among his prime concerns. New habitations and cityscape demolishing and replacing the old cityscapes by the growing economic ventures giving birth to a new space that has been created between the earth and the sky are recurrent motifs in his thoughts. As the burden of modern living becomes heavy, the shattered dreams of the city dweller often refer to the claustrophobic world as a baffling mass teeming with concrete. Says the artist - “under normal conditions in their natural habitats wild animals do not mutilate themselves, attack their offspring, develop stomach ulcers, become fetishists, suffer from obesity or commit murder. Amongst city dwellers, these situations occur. Man has set himself up in a huge, restless menagerie. I am witnessing and interpreting the urban paradoxes of contemporary life in the context of urban life and am concerned with the impact of social and political events.” Despite his work being a product of his somewhat satirical observation of the gimmicks in Kerala politics, they are personal conjectures of an anguished, perplexed, toiled city dweller. They bear witness to how thoughtlessly the way we exploit the ideologies of the national leaders for our own petty interests as we continue to live.

He lives and works in Kerala.
Bhagyanathan C-Space & Ladder-III-Monart Gallerie Indian Art Gallery
Bhagyanathan C-Untitled -Monart Gallerie Indian Art Gallery
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