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Deviprasad C Rao
Deviprasad C Rao-Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery Education:

• B Com. No formal training in Art

Group Shows:

• August 1st – 14th, 2007 : Gallery Beyond – Mumbai (August) along with artists working from Goa

• October 12th - 26th, 2007 : Mon Art Gallery – Kolkata along with Suhas Shilker and Swatee Nair

Solo Exhibitions:

2006 -

• “Bondage to Freedom” – a drawing and painting exhibition at Art Chamber, Goa
• “Portrait of Existence” - a drawing exhibition at Literati, Goa

2005 -

• “Here to infinity” – Inox Art Lounge, Panaji, Goa

2004 -

• “Returning to the source” – Dev’s Art Gallery & Casa Tito - Goa

2003 -

• “Chants of a monk” - HSBC Art Gallery by K K Nag Foundation, Pune
• “Experiencing the unknowable” – Oshoworld Galleria – New Delhi
Deviprasad C Rao-Minutiae Series C09-07-Monart Gallerie Indian Art Gallery
Deviprasad C Rao- Minutiae Series C04-07-Monart Gallerie Indian Art Gallery
Deviprasad C Rao-Minutiae Series C07-07-Monart Gallerie Indian Art Gallery
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