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Gigi Scaria
Gigi Scaria -Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery Hope and dreams perhaps start from garbage vats and end there. What is waste to one is wonder for another. Gigi Scaria (b. 1973, Kothanalloor, Kerala ) is a cartographer of human habitats, who takes interest in the mundane life of everyday and maps the nature of such dreams. Scaria explores the discrepancies of the economies, acceptance of human fate, building up of aspiration and the shattering of dreams through two Muslim teenager rag pickers. He becomes a part of them as he tracks them only to share the views of the ‘have-nots’, which they have of the realm of the ‘haves’. The two adolescents fantasize and nurture the possibilities by which their own dreary lives can be pervaded. What finally prevails is just a shattered dream. It is a poignant tale of class distinction; the subjugation of the peripherals; identities and that of a nation – the way it is.

Scaria lives and works in Mumbai.
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