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Josh P S
Josh P S-Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery Josh P S’ (b.1974, Kerala) concerns are primarily based on the gaze of a post-colonial citizen/subject that takes into account the aftermath of colonial rule that replaces rites, rituals, beliefs, irrationalities of a culture, obliterating it with industrial growth, education, postal services, railways and calibrations such as maps. However these overpowering progressive gestures are equally potential erasures, which blur the thoughts of the subjects of the native state, most intricate, subjective and innate to him. These thoughts then take the form of ‘suggestive silences’ and continue to exist as they get reflected in the social narratives of the native states such as in their autobiographical literature and art. They cannot be annulled, ignored, passed over. Josh PS throws light on these delicate, apparently hidden elements with a poignant touch. An Anglo Indian Girl who is delineated as posing for a painter, sitting before the mirror, silently exchanging a gaze with herself and the painter/on-looker. It is a fascinating take on an exchange of that silent gaze which a post-colonized subject would have of her, and one that she nurtures herself of the world about her, one in which perhaps she is perpetually ‘the other’. The mirror is a metaphor for establishing a continuous relationship, a simultaneous exchange of gaze between the viewer and the viewed.

Josh P S lives and works in Mumbai.
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