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Pooja Panchal
Pooja Panchal-Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery QUALIFICATION
2007 Bridge Course in Art History, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. Uni. Baroda.
2006 graduate (B.A. with Gujarati Literature) Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
2005 Post Diploma in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. Uni., Baroda.
2003 Diploma in Painting, Sheth C.N.College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad.

2003 Hutheesing Visual Centre, Ahmedabad.
2004 Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.
2005 Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad.
2006 Preview at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.
2006 Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai. (Sponsored by the Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy)
2007 Rabindrabhavan Lalitkala, Delhi.
2008 “Amadavd etle Amadavad”, Karma Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.
2008 “HUB-A Contemporary Parampara”, The exhibition hall, Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda.
2009 “feb show” Redearth gallery, ABS tower, Baroda.
2009 “HUB- camp show, The exhibition hall, Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda.
2010 One week Art workshop at Lucknow National Lalitkala Academi, Lucknow.
2010 “Let’s talk” Group Show at Exhibit 320, Delhi.
2010 One week Art Camp at Baroda organized by Diyaa Art Foundation, Baroda.

1999 Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Ahmedabad.
2002 Gujarat Visual Artist Association.
2003 Gujarat Lalitkala Academy, Ahmedabad.
2005 Rabindrabhavan, New Delhi.
2006 Hutheesing Visual Arts, Ahmedabad.
2009 “ HUB-camp, Vasad, near Baroda. ( 7 days) (10 artists)

Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad.
Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad.
Private Collection, Ahmedabad.
Private Collection, Mumbai.
Private Collection, Delhi.
HUB, Baroda.

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