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Sohan Qadri
Sohan Qadri-Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery Born - Punjab, India, 2 November 1932.

Formal Education - Punjab University, India.

Initiation - 1946 initiated by Guru Bhikham Giri in Yoga,Tantra, Dance & Music.
1953-55 Long Silences & Meditations in remote temples in Himalaya & Tibet.
1955-60 Masters Degree in Fine Art from Government College of Art, Simla.
1960-63 Taught Art at postgraduate level, Punjab.
1963-65 Freelance Artist.
1966 Travelled to East Africa and onward to Europe & North America.
1966-70 Lived & worked (painting) in Zurich & Paris. Presently living and working in Copenhagen and Toronto.

Awards - 1968 - Award in Painting - Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
1982- I.A.P.A.A.Award,Toronto.

Collections - Works collected in official & private international collections.

Organisations - Founded Loose Group Painters & Poets, India ( 1964).
Founded La fourmiere Kontakt Gallery, Zurich ( 1966).

The Dot & the Dots. Poems & Paintings, Stockholm (1978).
Mitti Mitti. Punjabi Sutras, Nav Yug Pub. New Delhi (1987).
The Dot & the Dots. English Sutras revised, Pub. Writers Work Shop - Calcutta (1988).
Boond Samunder. Punjabi Sutras, Pub. Amritsar (1990).
Aforismer. Danish translation of English Sutras Pub. Ømens Forlag Denmark (1995).
Antar Joti. Punjabi Sutras. Pub. Nav Yug, New Delhi (1995).
The Seer. Art Konsult in New Delhi (1999).

TV & Radio:
Tantra, The Ancient Art of Energy. TV 2 Sweden (1979).
Journey into Silence. Documentary film by Door Darshan (Indian TV) (1980).
Several Interviews on National & International Radio & TV.
Represented 1969 Salon International Paris, 1973 IKI Dusseldorf, 1975 Basel Art.
Seminars & Symposiums - Conducts International Workshops on Aesthetics & Metaphysics.

Enlisted :
Artists Reference Book - London (1970).
Artists Directory - Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi (1981).
Who is Who - Bombay (1985).
International Art Directory - Milan, Italy (1992-95).
Int. Who is who - ABI, Carolina, U.S.A. (1997)
Men of Achievement - IBC, Casubridge, U.K. (1997)

1. A permanent Qadri Collection as a mini museum is being set up at CRRID CHANDIGARH, India.
2. Gyan-Stambh - A stupa is being designed and constructed at G.T. Road PHAGWARA, PUNJAB INDIA

Originally from India but he lives and works in Denmark (Copenhagen). Sohan Qadri’s paintings can be characterised as basically monochrome surfaces with structural effects, which convey impressions of a loaded silence in a synthesis of emptiness and peace, radiating silence. Space for Sohan Qadri is endless. The vibrations are continuous. If they assume rhythmic expression in colour energies, then they are symbolic of other vibrations in other spaces, outside the canvas. The microcosm reflects the dialectic of struggle in the macrocosm.The inner space registers conflict of mood versus emotion and emotion versus feeling. The experiencer of spaces seeks to become experience itself, breaking new ground and dimension in the subtle areas of sensibility, where insights grow into light.The drama is in moments of time, chosen from the endless time, to be enacted in endless space
Sohan Qadri-Untitled-Monart Gallerie Indian Art Gallery
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