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Sunil Padwal
Sunil Padwal -Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery Sunil Padwal (b. 1968, in Maharashtra) addresses the trauma and crises of urban living –
the distresses man cries out. He explores the agony of the living being – a voiceless entity subjected to history. Twisted Fragile Backbone / You and Me in the Reclaimed City is an exploration of the experiences of the ‘body as a container’ in a city space.

Fragmented, disjunctive, desolate and incomplete beings – both human and animal populate his pictorial planes. He deliberately amputates body parts to make his subjects appear disturbingly incomplete. Also, setting objects against the most anomalous spaces render them as defunct – such as a boat floating in a space, strives only in vein to anchor, or a contorted spine that suspends in time purposelessly. Padwal’s images create moments of uncertainty and a perpetual anxiety of being. Often he superimposes gestures of the same subject recorded at different moments to delineate an animated being – which is incomplete, and yet striving forth with a stupendous force to continue to live; an indomitable urge to move forth. This moment of being is the moment of truth and realization and a resistance against all forms of dehumanization.

He lives and works in Mumbai.
Sunil Padwal -Twisted Backbone -Monart Gallerie Indian Art Gallery
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