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Vinayak Bhattacharya
Vinayak Bhattacharya-Monart Gallerie - Indian Artists Gallery Much influenced by Marxist ideas, Vinayak Bhattacharya’s (b. 1963 in Asoknagar, West Bengal) work is rooted in realism and is coalesced with both civilizational and symptomatic history, myth and allegory. The torsos bear obvious connection with the classical clay torso from Mohen-jo-daro and tend to reflect an ironical change that has evolved in the course of history of the Asian sub-continent. Bhattacharya often questions the nature of consumerism in a colonized world and the eventual consequences: what we feed ourselves with, eventually feeds on us. Also, what we consume reflects the newly emerged economy of a third world. The artist tends to search his queries from a mundane realm of clogged drains, sewages, disposed plastic cups, crumpled medicine strips and abandoned bill boards and so on and so forth. Bhattacharya’s journey from the dreamy, poetic, irrational and unreal to the mundane and yet the most powerful reality has gained shape in his recent canvases. He pervades the world of the evasive to address what is real to him. The cheap reproductions of maps for children, tea cups used at the tea vendors speak for the regional/local. Concerned with the crises of a third world, Bhattacharya is fascinated with the mundane – the clogged drains filled with domestic and industrial waste, the hoardings that sprawl all over the country, the disparities of economy, the class struggle and consequently history and myth. There is a tendency to unravel the myth by which the human world abides.

He lives and works in Asoknagar and Kolkata, West Bengal.
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